Up-lighting creates an ambiance that can take an ordinary room and make it extraordinary.


 Get the Anytime Event Service uplighting package to add to your event package. Contact our office for details at: 563-219-1513 or send us an email through our Contact Us form. Get a free quote on making your event exciting and new with the newest technology for your wedding or event. Anytime Event Service service is the best choice!

“Wedding reception lighting is one of the simplest (and cheapest) ways to completely transform your reception venue. Think about it: You most likely can’t repaint bland walls or a ceiling, but by washing the room in colored lighting or an eye-catching projection, you can instantly take the space from so-so to stunning. Assess your wedding location. Try to visit at least once at night so you can see how much lighting you will need. Finally, it is time to decide what kind of wedding lighting you want. A color wash (which blankets an area in a certain color of light), gobos (which are stencils put over lights to project certain patterns or designs, such as your monogram), and LED lights (which use less electricity than regular incandescent bulbs and are great for accent lighting). Your wedding lighting professional will be able to help you determine your specific wedding decor needs.” ~ The Knot

The right lighting can completely change the atmosphere of your event. There are many different colors to chose from so we can match just about anything! You can have a single color or multi-colors. The lights can stay solid or move to the beat of the music. The choice is yours! So add LED Uplighting to your package and create the warm atmosphere you and all of your guest will enjoy!